A Enticing Guide About Box Packaging Design

Many global brands always consider their customers’ first impressions and try to grab their attention. In this regard, packaging plays the utmost role. The primary function of the packaging is to protect the product. However, many companies also use it for marketing purposes as well. Since we live in a modern era, the eCommerce industry shows more boom in the market.

Everyone wants to buy things online. Therefore, companies have started thinking more creatively now. Those brands also provide different promotional vouchers with the package to build long-term relationships with the customers. Especially new startups and small businesses show more effort in packaging. In this article, we discuss the different box packaging designs.

We also discuss each attribute, from design to stability, because your main target is safely shipping your product to the buyers to maintain the brand reputation. Once the buyer receives a breakable product, they never shop again and leave negative feedback. So your box should resist any extreme atmosphere and travel disturbance. On the other hand, you must use the right shipping service in your best interest. Let us now move towards the various box packaging ideas and discuss each in detail.

Popular Packaging Box Designs

Folding Carton Boxes

This type is also called a custom design box and is mostly used for expensive packaging products. It is one of the most simple and famous designs available on the market. These boxes have a tuck flap on both sides, which is quite easier to fold and keep things in. You can ship clothes, shoes, and other lightweight products without fear of damage.

Most of the products you see in the stores are also packed in such boxes. However, this box is only viable for normal shipping conditions. You can print your brand theme on this box, and your buyer will feel a unique and advanced experience.

Rigid Boxes

This type of box is highly durable and a strong support provider. The material is highly rigid, which is used in their preparation. Therefore, these boxes always handle the harsh environment and impact of various things. Another material is covered in this box to give them a beautiful look.

 In those conditions, you can obtain a more casual and attractive look. This type of box majorly fulfills your foremost requirement, which is the protection of the product. You will experience high-class safety after shipping your brand products using such a box.

Full Overlap Boxes

It is one of the unique designs of the boxes with maximum protection. This type of box contains an outside flap that covers the box’s width. Many customers feel more joyful after seeing this packaging for the first time. If starting a new brand and trying to be different from your competitors, in this case, full overlap boxes are the best choice for shipping. Moreover, your brand theme box packaging design grabs the consumer’s attention on a first look.

Telescope Boxes

Such boxes comprise two parts, and with the name, you may understand the idea behind this box. As the telescope lid covers it, similarly this box lid covers it in the same way. Many luxurious products are shipped with this box. The unboxing experience people get from this packaging creates more curiosity. So this box is quite wonderful in marketing aspects, and you can give your buyers more satisfaction with the best print on this box.

Many influencers and video makers on social media use this packaging, so the person who views their video pays more attention to it. Telescope boxes seem to be the best choice for promoting products.

Collapsible Boxes

These boxes are one of the favorite choices of brands or even customers. The collapsible feature decreases a lot of shipping costs. On the other hand, buyers can reuse it for different purposes. Mostly, these boxes are prepared on custom design, and manufacturers build them after instruction from brands. Brands place a quote according to their product requirements.

 Many of them love to print different promotional bar codes on these packages, so buyers will keep in touch with them and come shopping again in the future. These boxes also take up less space in your warehouse and are easily manageable.

Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

The name of this box is quite complicated, and you may not be able to estimate its function and structure. Let us explain it to you. This box requires no glue and tape to assemble. You roll its sides and top, so the box is perfectly shaped. The upper portion is transparent to see a product inside it.

Most bakery items are present in such boxes. These boxes are perfect for food items. If you run a brand selling wonderful-looking donuts, you should prefer these boxes over any other type.

Mailer boxes

These boxes are small in size, and the shape of such a box is similar to a mailbox. The cost is quite cheap for shipping because of the small size. Nowadays, you can see many handmade product brands use such boxes, which leaves a wonderful experience in the minds of buyers.

 You may see luxurious handmade jewelry people selling in these boxes. Also, watches and jewelry are packed in this packaging design on different occasions. This box is also very suitable for gift purposes, and you can make your customer’s day by sending a product in it.

Shoulder Boxes

This box is one of the unique types of packaging, and you may never hear this name. Due to this reason, you will be amazed after seeing this box. The lid and base never touch, and the middle area where you place your product is called the shoulder. The wonderful theme of your brand left a spectacular impact on the shoulder box.

 Your buyers will highly satisfy your packaging design after observing this type of box. They feel more important and luxurious in the eyes of the brand. In this way, you successfully build a long-term relationship with them.

Slotted Container Boxes

This type of box can easily ship lightweight and small products worldwide. The shipping cost is also cheap. However, the designing box costs you a good amount of money, and you don’t have much space for your brand description on the package. The edited portion of this box is also small. You don’t feel able to do many changes in this type of box.

On the other hand, the cost-effective shipping options provided by different cargo companies attract you to this design, and you agree to select this box packaging design for your item.

Corrugated Boxes

Although rigid boxes take good care of heavy items, corrugated boxes are their best preference. Rigid boxes have some range to hold the heavy items and protect them from damage. When this limit exceeds, corrugated boxes come into the front and take responsibility for perfect shipping. The material is highly rigid and can counter various impacts simultaneously. You feel safer if your product is quite heavy and sensitive.

In this case, you must prefer this corrugated box as your first option. You will never be disappointed with the quality of corrugated boxes, and buyers will get the product more safely, which is the first requirement of every brand.

Shipping Boxes

Most of the products are shipped to different corners of the world using these boxes. Shipping boxes comprise a dark brown cardboard layout. However, you can customize it according to your requirements. These boxes are big because you can ship many products simultaneously with this box. The structure of this box can protect your item from any impact.

This box packaging design is less expensive, and there are many manufacturers of these boxes worldwide. Many buyers easily reuse this, or also their cardboard is recyclable. It means the environment-friendly material used in the formation of such boxes.


Undoubtedly box packaging plays a foremost role in the success of many companies. You must select packaging that attracts your buyer in a first impression and connect them with you. Different theme designs with discount codes help a lot in these scenarios. You can also select the right box packing design, which will help collect positive feedback from your buyer. Just add a promotions code that redirects your buyer to the feedback page. After that, they will receive a discount on their next purchase. In this case, many positive reviews are also collected from various customers.

 Many brands in the world face difficulty in getting the attention of new buyers. The wonderful design packaging will help in this regard .In this post, we discussed different shipping boxes available in the market. You may hear the name of most of them for the first time in your life. Due to this reason, these box structures are highly unique and helpful in marketing tactics. It seems like you entertain your buyer more luxuriously and care about them.

This relationship between the brand and consumers leads to success. So you must consider the design we mentioned above for the better growth of your business. Most of these boxes are also easily available at a good price.