The Cosmetic packaging design With Riyadh Design Studios

Very few industries enjoy brand recognition and customer loyalty as the cosmetic industry. Every woman in the world uses at least one cosmetic product regularly, and usually, there is more than one. Not to mention that men have also started to use cosmetics to enhance their beauty daily. 

This means that the cosmetics business is, without a doubt, a healthy business with high potential if you manage to make your brand recognition. There are many ways to create brand awareness, such as ad campaigns, marketing, etc., but you will also need an attractive packaging design that reflects your product, and the customer cannot resist buying it. 

Choosing an attractive cosmetic packaging design is as crucial as the product itself because if you choose an incompetent design, it will result in total failure. In this article, we are going to look into the details of cosmetic packaging design and discuss what you will need!

Things to Consider When You Are Designing a Cosmetic packaging

When you are designing a cosmetic packaging design, then make sure that you consider a few things. Packaging design is not something that you can do without any prior planning, and these are some parameters that you should consider:

Take A Moment To Think About The Design

You must think about the design of your packaging. A few things can help you in considering the right design. The first thing that you should consider is your target audience. If you are trying to sell a product to the younger generation, then the packaging design would be different, but if the product is targeted at elderly customers, then the packaging design would be different. 

Also, consider the brand identity of what you are selling. Make sure that you use the right element of color and design that reflects the product inside it with the best and most attractive looks. Another important thing is how you will be selling your product. Are you planning to sell it on a regional, national, or international level and consider the trends and culture of these areas in your packaging design? It is very important to include a combination of themes, colors, and designs in your packaging. 

Consider The Market Trends

You can also take the idea from the current market trend and can consider the competitor’s style and design. It is better to know what trends are than to experiment with a new design. Your cosmetic packaging design should be modern, fulfill the product specification, and be universal and attractive. You can use bold and contrast lines on your cosmetic packaging that are a timeless design feature and work perfectly with any product.

If you sell a beauty product, you can also consider some flowers and floral designs. If you are selling a less feminine or men’s product, then you can include a geometric design in a cool and elegant style that might fit your expectations. There are endless possibilities, and you can consider what suits your requirement best.

Stylish And Unique Font

You must choose the right font that reflects the product well for your needs. Make sure that you are using attractive and stylish fonts that are easy to read so that they attract customers at first glance. Typography is an art, and you should take some time to consider a few designs and select the best from them. Also, make sure that your font has the same vibe as the product.

 If you are selling a feminine product, make sure to use stylish and modern fonts, but if you are selling a men’s product, you can consider a simple yet elegant font style.

Eye Catching Pattern

You should also use an attractive and eye-catching pattern if you are targeting new clients. These patterns will ensure that your cosmetics are visible in the crowd and truly shining among them. But do not go too far in selecting the pattern because using too heavy and bold patterns can ruin the attraction.

Dual Color Combination

You can use a dual-color combination design that is a timeless masterpiece. The design never fails to attract the audience, and your cosmetic product will pop out on shelves. If your target clients are men, then you should use black and any other grayish color combination that will be attractive and simple. If you are targeting women, then pink or any other color combination will be a suitable choice.

Creating The Perfect Cosmetic Design

Once you have considered the design, color, and style combination, then it is time to combine them to create a perfect design that suits your requirement best. First of all, select the style that you are going to follow. It is your choice to choose a bold and colorful style or a minimal and simple style. The next step is selecting suitable colors matching your product theme and target customers. Finally, make sure to use suitable fonts that highlight your product’s name and purpose.

Pack Your Cosmetics

It is very important to pack your product in the packaging so that it remains intact and there is no compromise on quality. You should consider a three-layer policy. The outermost layer can be transparent plastic to resist any water entering the packaging. Beneath this layer, you should use a box containing all your design highlights and themes, and at last, use the box where you store the cosmetic item. Using multiple layers gives the impression that you are serious about the quality of the product.

Final Thoughts

Packaging design is very important for any product because it is what the customer sees when they look at them. You should choose a unique design for your cosmetics product because the customers will only buy what they find attractive. No one buys a random and ill-packed product that does not give them a vibe. Make sure that you are using the right packaging and proper style for your cosmetic packaging. You should take some time to design a unique and attractive cosmetic packaging design and include the market trend.

Make sure that the packaging reflects what you are selling and your customers. You should also use stylish fonts with eye-catching patterns, symbols, or drawings to give your product a unique and astonishing look. 

For men’s cosmetic products, make sure that you are not using any bold colors and do not make your design too complex to understand. You must pack your product right, and the three-layer packaging design is always the best.