What to ask a Packaging Design Company for a Good Experience.

 It is the most common issue that everyone faces when he/she wants to design a logo or any graphic design for their company. There are millions of companies and professionals that assure you that they are the best platform for your needs. But they cant.

It doesn’t mean that every company or firm are same. But the pricing structure, meetings schedules, designs, method of designing, talent, knowledge of work, payment methods, terms and conditions, and company policies, are all essential to ensure which company is better for you. 

We have a solution to this problem, don’t worry. We made a mixture of some essential questions to help you understand what you are looking for, and what to choose. It is like a road map for you. These questions also help a company to understand the client’s desire, as well as establish a long-term relationship with the client

So, are you ready to begin?. Good, let’s get started.

There are different pricing structures that design companies follow nowadays. Riyad design follows only one pricing structure which is the flat fee. In which you just have to pay once without any hesitation of hourly or task-based pricing. 

Also, Riyadh design offers our client multiples concept for their design and their revision without any extra or hidden charges. Because we not only deliver the logo or graphic to our client, we deliver the best graphics that represent their business and brand. We also give a variety of concepts of designs to make a strong connection with our clients.

Most companies will offer low charges for creating the designs. But whenever the client asks for the revisions or changes they start pealing the revision charges or extra charges which will be difficult for the client, and unfortunately, the client has no option but he pays the extra charges as they want. 

Riyad design believes in client satisfaction we offer unlimited revision with a variety of concepts that make the client 110 percent satisfy with the effort. For this we do not charge the extra it is all included first that we have done in the meeting with the client.

It is necessary to know whether the design is original or templates based. Templates-based work is not designed for the client, especially if it is pre-design or sample design for a random client and companies. Which you can not able to use and own for your business. Using templates will give you extreme consequences with other brands, and competitors and you have to pay the extra amount as the penalty is you use in brandings.

Riyadh design is working very professionally with their client. We have the complete flow of our work process. Through which we deliver the designs to our clients in a systematic manner. It will also smooth for our clients to understand the designing process step by step. In this way, clients can also update themselves on the progress of the design. 


We offer an information form to every client, to share the details according to their business, products, services, ideas, the aim of the business, etc. to identify the business style.

Assembling the team

Then we assemble the team that makes the perfect match according to giving information to a client. Our team is a combination of a director of creative design, a graphic designer, and an account manager also. 


Riyad design always chooses the right person for the right job, our team will make the first presentation of design using the brief, just in three business days. 

First presentation

After that account manager schedule a brief meeting with the client as per the client easiness and presents designs with variations through email, skype, phone, or where ever the client is comfortable for that. To finalize the using client feedback. 


Refining work is very simple, the team will the design chosen by the client, with feedback. They work according to it to make the finish as per client requirements. Once all is done they resubmit the design with changes for review by the client.


Here the process is still not ended. Riyad’s design focus on client satisfaction 110 percent. That’s why offers one more revision after revision with feedback to fulfill the client’s desire completely. 


After the approval of the design, we process to send the source file to the client.

Final Delivery

FInal delivery showing the slip of or proof of transaction of complete payment. We send the source file with complete data.

Remember one thing any design company does not require any internal policies, projects, rules, inputs, etc. they just require the information that matters to designs. 

Riyad design always focuses on that information only, we gave a form to the client to ask for the information according to their business goals, aims, services, products, etc. to make a meaningful creative design for them.

The creative design work is a little bit technical and time-consuming also. Sometimes it takes time more than the expectation, or sometimes it takes less time than expected. Although the designing company has a professional team for making designs, to give the specific timeframe in which the client can receive the design. 

Riyadh dating will deliver the first presentation within three business days after the brief information and payment process are completed. Then we will send the revision in one day, and presentations within two days if required Until the client will be satisfied. 

This very high-rated question from the client to any design company. Because the file you receive is not useful for you according to your platform or requirement so it is like just a waste of time. 

To save from this hurdle Riyadh design will deliver both files to our clients. The source of the vector file, and the JPEG file also. In this way, you can use the file on the web or for printing also. Using vector you can also enlarge or reduce the size of the design without sacrificing its quality of it. So don’t worry if you print a business card or advertisement for the billboard. You will use your fill full of confidence. 

When you going to work with any design company make sure who owns the rights to the design. If the company owns the right you have to ask for the attributes or permission every time you want to use the design or try to update or change it. This will gonna a hassle for you and stuck you in legal snafus. 

So to make smooth your path, work with a company that gave the complete right of the file after completing the design and payment according to it. In this way you will get the file with complete freedom that you can use it where you want, or also can change it as you want. 

The most design company has restrictions and prohibitions on trademarking. Once the payment is done by the client for their design.

Riyad design has no restrictions on the trademark. Although it is the responsibility of the client, so we suggest they take advice from their legal advisor.

Some companies and firms will find the need for tweaks or improvements according to their business or upgrading process. They want to change the color, add or reduce the word in the design, and other changes. Riyadh design delivers the vector file or source file of Adobe illustrator. This will be fruitful for you if want to change after the process is complete without any difficulties. Adobe illustrator has also can be changeable to make it accessible for different software as well.