Give Your Food A Delicious Look With Food Packaging Bag Design

The packaging tells a lot about the product inside. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to introduce new food items to the market, then you must select the food packaging bag design very carefully because food is considered FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods). It is a fancy word for a product that can not be reused, and the customer must buy a new product every time. 

Food companies have a loyal customer base, and many users prefer to stick to one brand or company rather than try a new one, and that is where the importance of good packaging design comes in. Your packaging must be attractive and convincing enough to take the customers out of their regular habits and try your product.

In this article, we are going to look into the things that you need to consider in your food packaging bag design. So let’s get started.

Why Do You Need Proper Food Packaging Bag design?

Let’s say you have your preferred milk, pasta, juice, ice cream, and cookies brand. Every time you go to a store, you look for a specific brand and ignore the rest of them. However, certain things might contribute to changing your decision. These things can be low prices, high quality, high nutrition, or more ingredients and flavor. But you can only see these features if the new product is easily visible and the role of packaging is that. 

It attracts the customers towards itself so that they can examine it more, and you need proper food packaging bag design if you are going to launch a new product that is aimed at changing customers’ preferred brand.

Things You Need To Consider In Food Packaging Bag design?

There are certain things that you need to consider when you are designing food packaging bags. 


The size of the food bag is the first thing you should consider. It is very important to choose the size carefully because using a small bag might not get the customer’s attention. Using too large a serving will result in a high cost that might prevent the customers from buying your product. You must have more than 1 size for your food packaging bag design. Also, consider the market trends and make sure that you serve comparable sizes to other competitors. 

The type of food also impacts the selection of size. If you are selling some bakery items, then you will need large size bags, but if you are selling dry fruits, then you will need small-sized bags.

Food Security

Food security is also an important factor to consider when you are designing a food packaging bag. It would be best if you made sure of the properties and environment the food requires to remain fresh and designed your food packaging bags according to it. It is important that your food is preserved all the time and no harm can be caused to it because of packaging issues. 

Also, consider the rules and regulations of the areas in which you are selling these items and make sure that your packaging bag design abides by all the food regulations. You must certify your product and packaging from relevant authorities and show it on the packaging. 


Printing is also an important factor that you should consider wisely. There are many things to consider in printing, such as design, color, themes, font, and pattern. You should select all these things carefully. If you are selling a necessity and daily use of food items such as pasta, milk, or butter, then it is better to consider a light-colored theme with a simple design. If you are selling items such as chips, cookies, and chewing gums, then it is better to use a colorful packaging design that attracts customers itself.

The font is extremely important in food packaging bag design. You should have a stylish and easy-to-read font, and you should print all the necessary information such as nutrition, ingredients, certifications, etc. it is also important to print labels that are easily visible such as kosher, halal, organic, vegan, etc.


You should choose the material of your food packaging bag design very carefully. The material that you are selecting must be certified to use for food packaging. Your food bag should not have any harmful chemicals in it. The adhesive that you are using must also be environmentally friendly and must have no impact on food. You should choose a material that has a life similar to the shelf life of food.

Signs Of A Good Food Packaging Bag Design

These are the signs that your food packaging bag design is good and will bring you more customers:


It is very important that your food packaging bag design is convincing and has all the features to get the customer’s attention. The packaging should be eye-catching, and you should include all the necessary details to convince your customer. Know the demand of your customer and prepare your products according to that. 

Make sure that your food bag stands apart on the shelf, but you should not go too much into making it so unique that it seems too irrelevant to customers.

Address The Customer’s needs

Your food packaging bag design must address the customer’s needs and requirements. You must have everything imprinted on the packaging, providing complete information about the product in the bag. 

Your packaging bag is your marketing tool, and you should make a full effort to convince the customer why it is right for them.


Your food packaging bag design must be functional, and it should be able to hold the weight of food without any problem. It is also very important that the bag can be lifted easily, and for that purpose, you can also add some strings or handles. 

Final Verdict

In this article, we have discussed everything about food packaging bag design. Customers like to stick to the same food items and to make them try your product, and it is necessary that your packaging must be convincing, functional, and address their needs. You must consider size, food security, material, and printing when designing your food bag.

Make sure to add all the information about food, such as nutrition, ingredients, etc.