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The Terms and conditions of Use

An Experience with a Packaging Design Company that you can Trust. 

Riyad design signing in with any client or company for packaging design deals with specific terms and conditions to make the work flow smoothly and in a systemic manner. Reading our terms and condition will give you a great advantage because you are legally bound with us once you sign the agreement or have done the deal. So it will be good for us if we agreed on the same point. We also upgrade and change our terms and conditions with time, to improve the customer experience and his easiness. So please get updated your self through reading the terms and conditions on our website to get yourself more comfortable and easy while choosing the company for designing any kind of packaging design. 

We Gave

Riyad design is giving 100% original and customized packaging design services all over the world. 

Payment Process 

We received the first 99$ on initial bases when we start the project. Once the deal is closed with complete client satisfaction you will have to pay a complete payment using Payoneer, or PayPal. Once the transaction is complete successfully you will receive the source file of the design with complete ownership. 

Refund Process

Riyad design also gives you the facility of refunding the amount, but we refund only the first amount that pays to start the project, which is 99$ in days. If you put in an application for a refund after 7 days, you won’t able to process the refund facility. But don’t worry you are still safe because you have the unlimited revision facility with us through you can achieve your 

design as your briefing until you will get 110% satisfied with it. 

Also, you will not request the refund process on the behalf of other firms bases. We only refund the person for whom we create the design. Furthermore, you also lost the chance of a refund once you request the revision of the design of any of the initial concepts. You will also lose the chance of a refund if you didn’t respond timely to the notification sent by us. In addition, you acknowledge that you will have no right to use or express the design created by us, nor you will have any ownership interest in the same work. 

Trademarks & Copyrights

All the packaging designs that we design for any company or client are created only for their work and for their selves. Riyad design does not hold any kind of rights to a design that was created for the client. 

Riyad design does not file the design for the trademark that was created for its client. Clients are free to go anywhere to register that design as the trademark for their business or company with complete freedom. 

If the payment is done successfully at the stage of the process by the client, all rights according to the design that was created for the client by us will revert to us including Its Ownership, Trademark, and others.


Riyadh Design uses Payoneer and PayPal payments methods. To make the transaction smoothly all over the world. We do not store your credit card information on our servers. 

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