Here’s All You Need To Know About Product Packaging Design

Packaging is one of the ways to keep things organized. Whether we talk about the grocery, you buy from stores and electronic items shop online. The packaging design put an impact on the exterior of the product. The packaging includes various materials, different printing and graphic options, variety of style and color schemes, and option to choose from different  fonts. Product packaging design is one of the important ways to market your product and attract buyers with a unique and eye-catching design.

Perfect packaging tells your brand’s story and engages people towards it in the long term. It would be best if you were more careful about the sight, touch, and finalization of your product packaging. The product package also helps to explain the type of product you are selling, which group is your targeted audience, and why do people buy it from you? In this article, we explain some tactics which are helpful for you in product packaging ideas.

Things To Consider Before Designing Packaging

What The Product Is About?

It is a pretty simple and important question you have to consider. The product you want to sell does have some extra precautions. In this case, you have to introduce a more secure packaging for it. You have to work on the right packaging material alongside an attractive design. Product safety matters more than every other aspect.

Who’s Your Targeted Audience?

To accomplish a product packaging design correctly, look at your audience, whether they are men, women, or children. People who are health conscious or low budget. When designing a product for older people, you must consider a large font on your packaging. On the other hand, if your product targets affluent buyers, the luxurious packaging suits well in this case.

Selling Platform

The platform you use for your product plays the utmost role in its sales. You must decide first whether to sell your product in a big store or a small boutique. Similarly, whether you want to sell them online or not. Many products selling online have limited-size packaging to reduce the shipping cost. 

So you have to accomplish your package design after considering these limitations. On the other hand, products sold in the boutique are around attractive marketing boards.

Information Required For Packaging Design

Brand Information

Every brand has specific packaging design requirements according to its product and targeted audience. You must take all information from the brand marketing team, including the colors they want to use. The role of colors is very important and it leaves an impact on buyers’ behavior. Type of fonts matter more and grab the attention of many buyers. 

Similarly, a brand logo is important because many people always remember the logo of their favorite brand. If your brand has a spectacular logo, it will also help in its marketing. All information is highly important for you to complete a perfect design for packaging.

Packaging Content

You may design the most unique and wonderful packaging, but you still need to place content on your packaging about the product. This content includes all the product names and other details about it. The images you want to add play a major role in getting the client’s attention. 

You must also add a barcode, nutrition information, and other certifications according to your product category. Most food and health industry products need a certain expiry. You don’t have to put them directly on your packaging. However, left some space for them.


One of the most important factors that hugely impact product packaging design is the amount of money spent. The price brands offer either one-time money or per item design cost. One-time payment includes the upfront cost of stamps, material, and printing costs in an upfront amount, and the brand only pays for them once. 

At the same time, pay per item includes the cost of each design and labor on every package design you accomplished. You must consider how much your brands can afford to pay for the package design.

Packaging Design Process

After collecting all the details, it’s time to go for a more exciting part. It is time to design a package, and best explain the story to your buyer. Here we explain the step by step process of package designing.

Packaging Layer Selection

There are three layers of packaging including inner, outer, and product packaging. Your product may need all of these or any one of them. The outer packaging impacts your buyers’ minds because it protects your product and grabs your customer’s first impression. On the other hand, inner packaging also provides extra protection to the product. 

Thus the product packaging is different for different items eg the candy bar can be packed in random paper stock box but the delicate crockery or glass set should be packed in arobust corrugated box with internal  partition and safety flaps . Your packaging layer must be safest and most luxurious to attract new buyers to your brand.

Pick The Right Type Of Packaging

Various packaging types come with a product, and you must select the right one. First, you must look at your product and design a more attractive packaging. If you are selling a liquid product, you have some limitations regarding product packaging design

Secondly, look at your competitors and see whether they sell products in packages or boxes. It would be best if you thought out of the box to stand in the market. The third and foremost important thing is your budget for each box.

 If you set a half-dollar cost, it will not give a charming look to your product. You have to increase the design budget to increase your sales. The better design and unique product will easily sell at a high price. So you don’t have to worry about the product’s final cost.

Line Up Printer

Printing is a process that starts after the completion of the design. However, you must consider it first because of the cost management. If you are going with the standard box or package, your printer should support a die-line template. Also, your printer needs vector files to form your designs. You must ask your designer to provide print-ready designs. The color patterns in your  are another important factor to consider. Also, the type of printer you should consider, whether they are digital or offset.

Develop Information Architecture

Observing the type of audience and why they are looking for your product helps you create information architecture. You may have a lot of positive content about your product, including positive reviews and ways to use your product. The benefits your brand provides to their customers in the long term. 

However, the buyer’s first impression of your package plays the utmost role in your brand’s success. So pick a more attractive attribute and post it in the middle of your package with other eye-catching factors. 

Evaluate Your Design

It is time to collect feedback about your design. Your design should express the product you are selling in a perfect way. It would help if you gave great attention so your customers will never be confused about your services and products. Also, ensure that if you put a photo of your product on a package, it should be original without lying to your buyer. 

A good designer will also send you a 3D design to evaluate every side of your packaging. If you sell your brand product in-store, you must consider whether it looks fine on store shelves. You also consider which products are most suitable to put aside with yours.

Collect Feedback

Before launching your product packaging design, you must collect feedback from stakeholders and market experts. The feedback from your family and friends is also most supportive in this case. You can also put it in front of a different group of people, even those who are anonymous in your product category. 

Then ask a different question like what is this product’s main function? Who is the main audience I must target? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you look at a package? The answers you collect estimate the success of your product very well.


If you plan to introduce your brand in a market, you know that the product packaging greatly supports its marketing. Especially when you sell a unique handmade product package, you offer to link buyers with your brand for the long term. Your product packaging design should be unique and charming. 

You have to fulfill this task within the limited budget you set for packaging purposes. Always analyze your targeted audience and pinpoint your product, which may be vital in grabbing buyers’ attention. The product attributes also left a positive impact on your packaging.

After finalizing your product, you have to take feedback from different groups of people and ask about their impressions of your product. Always try to finalize a design more simplicity, and it will never distract your buyers. Also, offer different packaging promotions to build long-term relationships with your customers. You also consider a platform you think works best for your product.